Clinic with Jason Irwin

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West Meadow Stables
6820 Cook Road, London Ontario
  • Cost: 240.00 for 2 days


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Clinic Description

Over the course of a clinic the goal is to give the riders the skills to turn their horses into better trained horses. I find a lot of clinicians are focused on groundwork whereas I work more on the ridden part of things. The idea is to be able to move any part of the horse’s body on command and to work towards a well trained horse that is soft and willing.

Participants will learn to teach their horses the following –
Yield laterally to the bridle
Yield vertically to the bridle
Yield to leg pressure
Soften the mouth (or nose)
Turn on haunches
Turn on forehand
Improve stops
Improve back up
Improve steering
Improve responsiveness
Problem Solving

A rough itinerary:
9:00am to 12 (1 hour lunch break), 1:00pm to 4:00, and then 4:00 to 5:00 pm individual help with problems (everyone can still watch so the group still gets something out of this time).

I’ll ask each person at the start of the clinic what their goal is or what problems they’re having. Some of the issues will get addressed through the training exercises I do so they’ll get covered as part of the regular lesson. If just one or two people have a particular problem I can help them one on one at the end of the day when the group session is over with.

This format and time frame lets us get quite a bit done without burning out the horses.

In a two day clinic the participants learn the exercises and then learn how to tie them together on the second day.

Sometimes on the first day the people might feel like they’re floundering around a bit because the exercises are new to them but then on the second day the light bulb goes on for the riders and the horses as they become better at what they learned on the first day. It’s pretty tricky to condense all of this into a one day clinic –

Unless we’re working in tight quarters I’ll bring a sound system with speakers so folks won’t have trouble hearing what they’re being asked to do.

There are only 12 spots available for this Clinic. Half the cost must be paid in advance to hold your spot.

Total cost for two day clinic is $240

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